Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Today is my first day of blogging. I created the blog account a long time ago but never really got time to actually edit/configure/use it. My friends demanded ;) me to create my own blog. And finally here it comes. I hope I'll enjoy this journey along with my other fella bloggers.

As soon as I started with my blog, the first thing I decided to do was to check-out any handy little tricks/usage methods for easy blogging (for beginners ;) ). Here's a few:

  • How to center-align some text:

    <div style="text-align:center;">"something"</div>

  • How to write an "important" text with background color so it stands out:

    <p style="background:#FFD4FF;"> and </p>

    Here #FFD4FF is the hex code for the background color you want to put

  • How to set time zone in your blog:

    Go to: Dashboard > Settings > Formatting

    There you can simply select your respective time zone

  • How to add continuous multiple spaces in a post:

    If you enter space bar multiple times to have a continuous series of spaces, say 20 times, you would still end up having a single space between the two words. Here come in the special characters:

    If you want 20 spaces between two words, simply copy the the above characters and paste it 20 times. Tip: To remember the sequence, it is called non-breaking space

  • How to delete a specific post:

    Go to your blog via the dashboard, find the post you would like to delete and all the way right to the post you would see a delete link. Simply click it.
  • How to backup template:

    Before switching to a new template or making modifications to the current one, it is very handy (and life-saver ;) ) to backup your exisiting template. Simply go to:

    Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML

    Under Backup / Restore Template click "Download Full Template"
  • How to add new gadgets to your blog:

    Go to: Dashboard > Layout

    Under "Page Elements" click on "Add a gadget"

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