Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Future of Security Industry by Bruce Schneier

Today I saw this amazing video by Bruce Schneier. This is a presentation that he gave at the OWASP MSP 2009. He talks about how Security Industry was, how it has evolved, how it would look in the Future. As he mentions, the IT Security Industry emerged as an accident. Nobody thought or planned of having Security. With the evolution and rush of developing new "cool" softwares, evolving Web2.0 as we see today, shifting from a desktop tangible paradigm to ubiquitous virtual environment we have been forced to use security. These evolutions have lead to Security being seen now as a necessity.

Bruce Schneier talks about the fact that security will start being a part of things as it looks in the other parts of the world. As we get safety/warranty while buying a new washing machine, so would we be get security as a part of the IT softwares. Additionally he discusses how IT is becoming more of a utility to everyone and much more.

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