Monday, December 28, 2009

Web Application Security Podcasts

Recently my passion for web application security has increased manifold. With so much happening so fast, time is always short. I brought a new ipod shuffle just to listen to various security podcasts, interviews of security/tech experts, etc. to stay "flexibly" in touch with security while mobile.

Here are a few of those I listen to and find really nice. I haven't assessed them and its just my own opinion. Any further additions/comment/suggestions are always welcome.
  1. OWASP Security Podcast
    organization: OWASP
    rss feed: OWASP Security Podcasts RSS
    hosted by: Jim Manico from Aspect Security

  2. MightySeek Podcast Postings
    organization: NT Objectives, Inc.
    rss feed:
    hosted by: Dan Kuykendall

  3. Imperva Security Podcasts
    Podcasts by Imperva range from Data Security to Cloud Computing to Saas but also include WAF, Web Application Sceurity, etc.
    organization: Imperva Inc.
    podcast link: Imperva Security Podcasts

  4. Cenzic Podcast Series on Application Security Mythbusters
    organization: Cenzic
    rss feed: Cenzic Security Podcasts RSS

  5. Silver Bullet Security Podcasts
    Security Podcasts by Cigital are not specifically targeted to Web Application Security but cover various aspects of Security
    organization: Cigital, Inc.
    rss feed: Silver Bullet Security Podcast RSS
    hosted by: Gary McGraw

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